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House Plants In Norwich

Our House Plants

Plant shop in Norwich selling a massive selection of house plants, cacti, succulents.

For anyone who has already visited our shop you will know its packed, floor to ceiling with Houseplants. We spend a Great deal of time looking after them and making sure they are in tip top condition for you.  

Our Garden Plants

Garden plants, Shrubs and bedding plants for sale in Norwich.

We have a selection of bedding plants, shrubs, climbers and trees available at Leslie Terrance. nearly 70% of them we have grown our selves! Find all our garden plants out side the front of our shop. If there is something you would like to order let us know and we will be able to get hold of it for you. 

Looking After Our Plants

Very healthy house plants for sale in Norwich all well priced.

We grow a lot of our plants from seeds and cutting and invest a lot of time in to each one. Along with importing some from Holland, Mexico, and Spain. Most of our time in the shop is spent watering, feeding, dead heading and making sure that our plants are in tip top condition for you to take home with you. 

Advise on Plants

Echeveria plants for sale in Norwich. Massive selection of succulents all under one roof.

Plants has been a passion of mine for a very long time now and i'd like to say that we can offer good advise on all plants brought from us. If you have and questions or queries about your plants - brought from us or not let us know and we will do our best to advise you. 

Starting Your Plant Collection

Succulent plants for sale online and in Norwich local Plant shop. Cheap succulent plants for sale

House plants have become increasingly more popular over the last year and are a fantastic way to introduce good, clean air in to your homes. Along with there relaxing properties many studies have shown that gardening and maintaining house plants is great for your mental health. 

Show Us Your Plants

House plants for sale in Norwich shop. Peace lilies in Norfolk

Brought some thing from us? tag us in your picture on Facebook and Instagram we would love to see where our plant babies end up!